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Corporate bonds

Many of our clients are looking for effective ways to obtain funding for their projects. Thanks to corporate bonds, the issuer gets the funding they need from investors, who after the bond's maturity get their money back appreciated by the yield. We have experience with so-called sub-limit issues, up to the aggregate amount of CZK 1,000,000, as well as with issues of higher volume, whose prospectuses require Czech National Bank approval. We set up the bond issue and adequate issuance conditions according to the client's requirements and possibilities.
Corporate bonds can boost your business quickly and effectively
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Thanks to the acquired funding you can continue developing your business.
Once the bonds have been successfully issued, the investors might also decide to finance your future business plans.
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Renata Šindelářová

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In her practice Renata focuses mainly on corporate law and providing comprehensive legal advice in labour law. She is equally ready to advise large companies with hundreds of employees or smaller businesses that only need to prepare simple and understandable employment contracts. She is also deeply familiar with corporate bonds. She gained her experience mainly as an in-house lawyer for one of the largest construction companies in the Czech Republic. In addition, she conducts lectures for clients.

Renata speaks English and Russian and believes that people should treat others the way they wish to be treated themselves.

She can be reached at:

Renata Šindelářová

"I could not believe that the path from the idea of issuing corporate bonds to holding them in your hands could be so short. I was provided with all the necessary legal information very quickly and professionally, and the firm's team is exceptionally well-organized and efficient even when it comes to completing the required documentation."
David Vágner, Statutory Director of Vci a.s.

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