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Criminal law and compliance programs

Like all of us, our clients sometimes face unexpected situations. The initiation of criminal proceedings against one's own person or suffering harm because of another's unlawful conduct is no exception. Although each case is assessed individually and depends on the circumstances and evidence obtained, it is important to take an adequate position in both situations. Therefore, if you find yourself in the position of a suspect, accused or injured party, we are ready to guide you through the criminal proceedings from its commencement to the possible execution of a sentence or the enforcement of a claim for damages. We provide services in criminal law to companies as well as individuals. We also have experience with the implementation of compliance systems and internal corporate investigations.
The most favourable result can be achieved only by adopting an appropriate defence strategy or by properly structuring and compiling the criminal complaint at the outset of the criminal proceedings.
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Correctly set up internal control systems minimize the risk of criminal punishment for the corporation.
The right attitude and the choice of an appropriate defence play a key role in criminal proceedings.
During the defence in criminal proceedings or against other sanctions by public authorities, it is important to keep a cool head and seek help from an expert.
Provedeme Vás realizací Vašeho záměru od začátku po úspěšné dokončení
Umíme minimalizovat specifická rizika související s veřejnoprávními regulacemi
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Brigita Bilíková

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Brigita is the criminal specialist of our team who can say with certainty that she knows the other side's point of view. In addition to her legal practice in banking and the media, she was a long-time public prosecutor at the regional public prosecutor's office in Ostrava, where she first dealt with the most serious violent crimes and then with the most serious economic crimes, especially tax, subsidy and other fraud. Given her long and rich criminal law practice, she can anticipate potential dangers and set preventive rules in broad areas of business. At the same time, she has an understanding for various life situations even in dimensions that we do not usually encounter, thanks to which she is able to provide legal and tactical advice as well as provide reassurance.

Brigita's hobby is divorce law and related mediation.

She can be reached at:

Brigita Bilíková

Tomáš Kruták

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Before founding Kruták & Partners, Tomáš was a partner at Czech and international law firms, where he participated in the implementation of key infrastructure projects, such as the award of a contract for the acquisition of the first electronic toll system in the Czech Republic, the implementation of the first PPP projects or the introduction of paid parking zones in Prague. He has collaborated on the sale and purchase of companies with a total value of tens of billions of crowns, including the privatization of companies such as Czech Telecom and Unipetrol. At present, in addition to transaction consulting, he also deals with projects in the field of modern energy and electromobility, as well as public investments in the field of municipal infrastructure. In public procurement law, he has written several professional publications, most recently a commentary on the new Public Procurement Act.

Tomáš speaks English, German and Russian. He brews homemade beer and is a devoted follower of a punk band.

He can be reached at:

Tomáš Kruták

"We have been cooperating with Brigita Bilíková from Kruták & Partners for a long time on formulating the contractual relationships we enter into and on resolving the settlement of outstanding receivables from our customers, both in the area of ​​criminal and civil law. This support helps us to navigate these areas and to manage them successfully."
Michal Harhaj, Managing Director of ATEsystem s.r.o.

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