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Corporate incentive programs

Many of our clients seek ways to keep and at the same time effectively motivate their employees because they believe that loyal and experienced employees are a company's key to success. We have experience setting up effective collective remuneration mechanisms adapted to the specific needs of our clients. These include incentive programs, such as share or option plans, as well as more modern solutions like employee trust funds.
Stock and option plans or trust funds can serve as an effective incentive not only for the key players.
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In accordance with the pre-set mechanism employees can also share in the company's success.
Collective remuneration is more effective than other teambuilding activities because it brings the team together, supports cooperation and helps build mutual trust.
Blanket setting of the rules on provision of benefits builds loyalty among the employees and their trust in the employer.
Provedeme Vás realizací Vašeho záměru od začátku po úspěšné dokončení
Umíme minimalizovat specifická rizika související s veřejnoprávními regulacemi
Máme bohaté zkušenosti a rozumíme Vašim problémům


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"The lawyers of Kruták & Partners came up with an interesting tool to motivate the EGÚ Brno, a.s. team in terms of creating innovative solutions, publishing activities and building the good name of our company as well as recognizing the long-term benefits and loyalty of our key colleagues. We appreciate that they bring new solutions in the otherwise formal area of law."
Ing. Tomáš Špaček, Member of the Board of Directors of EGÚ Brno, a.s.

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