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Personal lawyer and the future of family assets

A large portion of our clients deal with legal issues not only in their professional but also in their personal lives. We have experience in finding solutions to joyful as well as less joyful life events. We advise our clients, for instance, on the purchase of a new home, insurance claims, securing assets after their death or divorce, including the settlement of common property and child custody. We are able to deal with such matters practically as well as sensitively and compassionately. In rough times, our clients are provided with support and prudent assistance without needless drama.
Is your lawyer someone you are not afraid to call and ask for personal advice?
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The transfer of property in large families is a complicated matter that requires thorough understanding.
In many life events, it is a good idea to seek professional advice that is quick, brief and comprehensible.
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Brigita Bilíková

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Brigita is the criminal specialist of our team who can say with certainty that she knows the other side's point of view. In addition to her legal practice in banking and the media, she was a long-time public prosecutor at the regional public prosecutor's office in Ostrava, where she first dealt with the most serious violent crimes and then with the most serious economic crimes, especially tax, subsidy and other fraud. Given her long and rich criminal law practice, she can anticipate potential dangers and set preventive rules in broad areas of business. At the same time, she has an understanding for various life situations even in dimensions that we do not usually encounter, thanks to which she is able to provide legal and tactical advice as well as provide reassurance.

Brigita's hobby is divorce law and related mediation.

She can be reached at:

Brigita Bilíková

"We started cooperating with Kruták & Partners based on a recommendation, specifically with Brigita Bilíková, who represented our company in all matters. We dealt with several criminal cases as well as a civil case. All disputes were settled to our full satisfaction. In the future we want to expand our cooperation to the contractual agenda as well."
Ing. Štěpán Štefka, Stavebniny Kaimpex

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